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Fall 1992

(sold out)

William Moritz, "Resistance and Subversion in Animated Films of the Nazi Era: The Case of Hans Fischerkoesen,, 4-33.

Karl Cohen, "The Development of Animated TV Commercials in the 1940s" and "A Guide to Studios", 34-61.

Harry M. Benshoff, "Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, Is Disney High or Low? From Silly Cartoons to Postmodern Politics", 62-85.

Anonymous, "Story Mood Chart from Fleischer's Mr. Bug Goes to Town," 89-91.


Spring 1993
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Mary Ann Farquhar, "Monks and Monkey: A Study of National Style in Chinese Animation," 4-27.

Diane W. Penkoff, "Slipping 'Em a Mickey: A Content Analysis of Drinking in Disney Animated Films," 28-49.

Jane Ann Dill, "Jules Engel: Film Artist: A Painterly Aesthetic," 50-65.

Mark Langer, "Introduction to the Fleischer Rotoscope Patent," 66-73.

William Moritz, "Review/Cartoons, Le Cinema d'animation, 1892-1992," 79-80.

Robin Allan, "And Did You Once See Disney Plain?" 81-83.


Fall 1993
select destination:
Michael Frierson, "Clay Comes Out of the Inkwell: The Fleischer Brothers and Clay Animation," 4-19.

Richard J. Leskosky, "Two-State Animation: The Thaumatrope and Its Spin-offs," 20-35.

Mark Langer, "Designing Dumbo: An Annotated Interview with A. Kendall O'Connor," 36-67.

Ernest Pintoff, "The Violinist: An Original Storyboard," 68-83.

Guy Johnson, "Review/The Illusion of Life: Essays on Animation," 84-86.

Maureen Furniss, "Reviews/Light Moving in Time: Studies in the Visual Aesthetics of Avant-Garde Film and Animating Culture: Hollywood Cartoons from the Sound Era," 86-92.

Robin Allan, "Review/Walt in Wonderland: The Silent Films of Walt Disney," 92-94.


Spring 1994
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Maureen Furniss, "What's So Funny about Cheese? and Other Dilemmas: The Nickelodeon Television Network and its (Female) Producers," 4-22.

Joanna Priestley, "Creating a Healing Mythology: The Art of Faith Hubley," 23-31.

Robin Allen, "Sylvia Holland: Disney Artist," 32-41.

Mary Beams, "Subverting Time: A Woman's Perspective," 42-53.

Atom Klein, "La Verne Harding: Hollywood's First Woman Animator," 54-67.

Susan Ohmer, "Bibliography of Sources on Animation Published in 1992," 68-79.

Ruth Hayes, "Review/A Century of Women Cartoonists," 80-82.

Sean Portnoy, "Review/Film History, Special Issue: Animation," 84-86.


Fall 1994
select destination:
John Canemaker "Vladimir Tytla: Master Animator," 4-31.

Amy Lawrence, "Masculinity in Eastern European Animation," 32-43.

Terry Lindvall and Matthew Melton, "Toward a Postmodern Animated Discourse: Bakhtin, Intertextuality and the Cartoon Carnival," 44-63.

Sean Griffin, "The Illusion of Identity: Gender and Racial Representation in Aladdin," 64-73.

Leslie Bishko, "Expressive Technology: The Tool as Metaphor of Aesthetic Sensibility," 74-91.

Solomon Davidoff, "Review/Walt Disney: A Bio-Bibliography," 92.

Maureen Furniss, "Review/Clay Animation: American Highlights 1908 to the Present," 93.


Spring 1995
select destination:
Giannalberto Bendazzi, "The First Italian Animated Feature Film and Its Producer: La Rosa di Bagdadand Anton Gino Domeneghini," 4-18.

Derek Bouse, "True Life Fantasies: Storytelling Traditions in Animated Features and Wildlife Films," 19-39.

Wendy Jackson, "Cecile Starr: A Pioneer's Pioneer," 40-43.

Cecile Starr, "Conversations with Grant Munro and Ishu Patel: The Influence of Norman McLaren and the National Film Board of Canada," 44-61.

Georges Sifianos, "The Definition of Animation: A Letter from Norman McLaren," 62-66.

Karl Cohen, "The Importance of the FBI's Walt Disney File to Animation Scholars," 67-77.

J.B. Kaufman, "Good Mousekeeping: Family-oriented Publicity in Disney's Golden Age," 78-85.

Maureen Furniss, "Review/Three Graphic Novels from NBM Publishing House," 90-92.


Fall 1995
select destination:
Terence Dobson, "Norman McLaren's Visit to London : An Informative Drawing," 4-20.

Sandra Law, "Putting Themselves in the Pictures: Images of Women in the Work of Selected Female Animators in the U.K.," 21-55.

David Vernal, "War and Peace in Japanese Science Fiction Animation: An Examination of Mobile Suit Gundam and The Mobile Police Patlabor," 56-84.

John A. Lent, "James Wang and Taiwan's Cuckoo's Nest," 85-89.

Maureen Furniss, "Reviews/Frank Tashlin: A Retrospective; Coloriture: Voci, rumori, musiche nel cinema d'animazione; Chuck Jones: A Flurry of Drawings; and Perspectives on American Culture: Essays on Humor, Literature, and the Popular Arts," 90-92.


Spring 1996
select destination:
Amy Lawrence, "Walking After Midnight: Le Ravissement de Frank N. (and Lol V.) Stein"

Bill Mikulak, "Disney and the Art World: The Early Years"

Karl Cohen, "Racism and Resistance: Black Stereotypes in Animation Giannalberto Bendazzi, "The Italians Who Invented the Drawn-on-Film Technique"


Fall 1996
select destination:
William H. Hilf, "Developing a Digital Aesthetic"

William Moritz, "Some Critical Perspectives on Lotte Reiniger"

William Moritz, "Gasparcolor: Perfect Hues for Animation"

Maureen Furniss, "Animation and Color Key: The Career of Phyllis Craig"

M. Thomas Inge, "Chuck Jones Among the Literati," 78-79.

Kevin O'Brien, "Chuck Jones and MGM: Reevaluating Tom and Jerry," 80-84.


Spring 1997

select destination:
Thomas Andrae, "Making Way for Modernity: Work, Technology, and Masculinity in the Animation of Carl Barks"

J.B. Kaufman, "The Transcontinental Making of The Barn Dance"

John Southall, "Aspects of Contemporary Animation in Great Britain: Organization and Production"

Steve Montal, "The Master from Zagreb: Bordo Dovnikovic"

David R. Williams, "The Mouse that Chuck Built"


Fall 1997

select destination:
Tom Klein, "Apprenticing the Master: Tex Avery at Universal (1929-1935)"

Pierre Floquet, "Tex Avery's Comic Language: A Transgressive Interpretation of Hunting"

Kevin S. Sandler, "Pogs, Dogs, or Ferrets: Anthropomorphism and Animaniacs"

G.T. Collins, "Larry Jordan's Underworld"


Spring 1998

select destination:

Ton Crone, Ed Tan and William Uricchio, "The SAS Conference in the Netherlands"

Mette Peters, "Murder in Raamsdonk: Silhouette Film and Shadow Shows from the Netherlands"

Boris Pavlov, "Animation in the Russian Hollywood of the 1920s-1930s"

Gunnar Strøm, "Desider Gross and Gasparcolor, European Producers‹Norwegian Products and Animated Cinema Commercial from the 1930s"

Jeanpaul Goergen, "Discovering Paul N. Peroff"

Nikolai Izvolov, "The History of Drawn Sound in Soviet Russia"

Edwin Carels, "1895: Animation, History and the Metafilm"


Fall 1998

select destination:

John A. Lent and Asli Tunc, "Animation in Turkey: Historical and Contemporary Problem Analyses"

Suzanne Buchan, "Graphic and Literary Metamorphosis: Animatin Technique and James Joyce's Ulysses"

Barbara Fleisher Zucker, "Competition for Audience: Museum Storytellers and the Movies (1910-1920)"

Didier Ghez, "Glen Keane: An Interview"

Wendy Jackson, "For the Love of Prague: Gene Dietch's Career in Review"

Maureen Furniss, "Building Your Animation Library"


Spring 1999

select destination:

William Moritz, "Jordan Belson: Last of the Great Masters"

Ying Tan, "The Unknown Art of Jordan Belson"

David Ehrlich, "The 'Divertimenti': An Interview with Clive Walley"

Clive Walley, "Thoughts on Painting and Movement"

Stephanie Maxwell, "Why I Work Direct on Film"

Bärbel Neubauer, "Thoughts on Abstract Animation"

Maureen Furniss, "Animation Literature Review"


Fall 1999

select destination:

Chris Robinson, "Puppets, Parables and Paradoxes: Estonian Animation Before and After Independence"

Greg M. Smith, "Shaping The Maxx: Adapting the Comic Book Frame to Television"

Amid Amidi, "The Two Worlds of Pete Alvarado"

John Southall, "Cartoon Propaganda and the British School of Animation"


Spring 2000

select destination:

Terence Dobson, "Norman McLaren: His UNESCO Work in Asia," 4-17.

Patrick Crogan, "Insides Out: Speculations on the Body in 3D Computer Animation," 18-27.

William D. Routt, "Stillness and Style in 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'," 28-43.

Gunnar Strøm, "Desider Gross and Gasparcolor in a Norwegian Perspective, Part 2," 44-55.

Joanna Bouldin, "Bodacious Bodies and the Voluptuous Gaze: A Phenomenology of Animation Spectatorship," 56-67.

Maureen Furniss, "Motion Capture: An Overview," 68-82.

Maureen Furniss, "Review/Hayao Miyazaki, Master of Japanese Animation: Films, Themes, Artistry," 83-84; "Review/Walt Disney and Europe: European Influences on the Animated Films of Walt Disney," 84-85; "Review/Tinker Belles and Evil Queens: The Walt Disney Company from the Inside Out," 86-87; "Reviews/International Journal of Comic Art, fps: The Magazine of Animation, Animation Blast, The Animation Reporter.



select destination:

Lynn Tomlinson, "Launching the Quays"

Jørgen Stensland, "Innocent Play or the Copycat Effect? Computer Game Research and Classification"

Faltin Karlsen, "Killing in Carmageddon: How Users Interpret Violent Elements in Computer Games"

Wai-ming Ng, "Japanese Animation in Singapore: An Historical and Comparative Study"

Brian Oakes, "Jam Handy: Visualizing the Invisible"

Mette Peters and Egbert Barten, "Mostly Hidden Away: Animation Film in the Netherlands 1940-1945"

Deanna Morse, "Experimental Animation: Creating a DVD"



select destination:

Eliot Schrefer, "Donning Her Father's Armor: Introspection and Gender Disjunction in Disney's Mulan"

Monica Cavalieri, "Animeshon No Mugen No Sekai: Kuri Yoji's Infinite World of Animation"

Michael Frierson, "The Carry Over Dissolve in UPA Animation"

Mark Langer, "Embattled Silhouettes: Animation by Bryant Fryer"

Marian Quigley, "Glocalisation Versus Globalization: The Work of Nick Park and Peter Lord"




select destination:

Lino Dussi, "Alexeieff and the Last Train"

Gunnar Strøm, "The Animated Documentary"

Paul Ward, "British Animated Propaganda Cartoons of the First World War: Issues of Topicality"

Nichola Dobson, "Nitpicking 'The Simpsons': Critique and Continuity in Constructed Realities"




(sold out)

Joanna Bouldin, "Cadaver of the Real: Animation, Rotoscoping and the Politics Of The Body"

Paul Ward, "Rotoshop in Context: Computer Rotoscoping and Animation Aesthetics"

José B. Capino, "Filthy Funnies: Notes on the Body in Animated Pornography"

William Schaffer, "The Importance of Being Plastic: The Feel of Pixar"



select destination:

Karin Wehn, "The Renaissance of the Animated Short on the World Wide Web"

Weihua Wu and Steve Fore, "Flash Empire and Chinese Shanke: The Emergence of Chinese Digital Culture"

Lora Wheeler Mjolsness, "Russian Web Animation from St. Petersburg to Siberia: National Identity and International Appeal"

Stephen Rowley, "Life Reproduced in Drawings: Preliminary Comments upon Realism in Animation"

Thorsten Fleisch, "Animating the 4th Dimension"



select destination:

Elisabeth Oxfeldt, "Life and Death in The Little Mermaid: Three Contemporary Adaptations of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tale," 4-25.

Jon Davies, "Action, Animation, Archival Abyss: Virgil Widrich's Fast Film," 26-43.

Jian Cui, "The Pursuit of a National Style of Chinese Animation," 44-62.

Helen Kang, "Shui Mo Dong Hua, The History of Brush Painting Animation," 63-75.

David Ehrlich, "International Collaboration Films," 76-86.

Victoria Meng and Maureen Furniss, New Books (reviews - read them online), 87-96.



select destination:

Janet Blatter, "Roughing It: A Cognitive Look at Storyboarding," 4-23.

Ruth Hayes, "Teaching Animation in an Intedisciplinary Context," 24-43.

Melanie Davenport and Karin Gunn, "Animation Education in an Indigenous Context," 44-62.

Brian Wells and Laurence Arcadias, "Issues in Animation Education," 63-80.

Dan McLaughlin and Maureen Furniss, Books and DVDs (reviews), 81-96.



select destination:

Musa Brooker, "Floyd Norman's Story: The Untold Tale of a True Animation Legend," 4-45.

Maureen Furniss, "TV for Babies: Programming for the Very Young," 46-67.

Lucie Joschko, "Seeking the Voice of Insiders: Ethnographic Exploration of the World of Czech Animation," 68-83.

"New Books," 84-88.



select destination:

Special Issue: Thwack! Hearing the Motion in Animation, Guest Editor Rebecca Coyle

Rebecca Coyle, "Thwack! Hearing the Motion in Animation," 3-6.

Steven Allen, "Audio Avery: Sound in Tex Avery's MGM Cartoons," 7-22.

Paul Wells, "To Sonicity and Beyond! Gary Rydstrom and Quilting the Pixar Sound," 23-35.

Philip Hayward, "Whimsical Complexity: Music and Sound Design in 'The Clangers,'" 36-51.

Henry Johnson, "Animating and Educating Japan: Nitaboh, Music, and Cultural Nationalism," 52-71.

Dan Bendrups, "Sounds of Easter Island: Music and Cultural Representation in Ogú y Mampato en Rapanui," 72-85.

"New Books," 86-96.



select destination:

Marco Bellano, "The Parts and the Whole: Audiovisual Strategies in the Cinema of Hayao Miyazaki," 4-55.

Steve Jones, "Implied . . . or Implode? The Simpsons' Carnivalesque Treehouse of Horror," 56-79.

"New Books," 80-88.



select destination:


Special Issue: Animation on the Fly, Guest Editor Kara Lynn Andersen

Kenny K. N. Chow, "Puppeteerly Animation: Animation Becoming Live on Digital Platforms," 4-19.

Robin J.S. Sloan, "Agency and Animation: The Performance of Interactive Game Characters," 20-49.

Michael Nitsche, Mark Riedl, and Nicholas Davis, "Creatively, Cognition, and Machinima," 50-66.

Judd Ethan Ruggill and Ken S. McAllister, "Computer Game Archiving and the Serious Work of Silliness," 67-77.

Brian Taves with David Gibson, “'Pac-Man, I Presume?' Or How the Library of Congress Met Video Games," 78-87.

New Books, 88-96.




select destination:


Amanda Kearney, John Bradley, Brent Mckee, and Tom Chandler, “Representing Indigenous Cultural Expressions through Animation: The Yanyuwa Animation Project,” 4-29.

Crystal Eastman, “From the Teapot to the Human: The Impact of 3d Computer Graphics on Medical Imaging and Medical Illustration,” 30-50.

Gregory Zinman, “Eradicating the Psychic Space between Eye and Ear: Synthetic Film Sound’s Challenge to the Index,” 51-84.

New Books, 85-88.




select destination:


Guest Editor Jonathan Murray

Booth Wilson, “Computer Animation across the Iron Curtain: Early Digital Character Design in Kitty,” 4-25

Maureen Furniss, “John Whitney's Path to IBM,” 26-46.

Paul Taberham, “Correspondences in Cinema: Synaesthetic Film Reconsidered,” 47-68.

Harvey and Victoria Deneroff, “Crossing boundaries: Big-D Discourses in Animation and Live-action Filmmaking,” 69-87.

New Books, 88.




Special Issue on Norman McLaren

select destination:

Alison Reiko Loader, "Convergence And Collaboration in the Cold: Norman Mclaren and 1950s Stereoscopic Animation at the National Film Board Of Canada," 4-26

Kerry McArthur, "The Fine Touch of the 'Country Mouse': Evelyn Lambart at the National Film Board," 27-45

Karen Beckman, "Documentary, Animation, Poetry: How Norman McLaren And Margaret Tait Respond—Directly And Indirectly—To War," 46-67

Holly Rogers, "The Musical Script: Norman McLaren, Animated Sound, and Audiovisuality," 68-84

Karl Magee, "The Norman McLaren Archive at the University of Stirling," 85-87

New Books, 88



select destination:

Linda A. Robinson, Looking Backward to Move Forward: Walt Disney’s Use of So Dear to My Heart to Make the Move into Live-action, 4-25

Crystal Chan and Terence Dobson, Norman Mclaren, Internationalist, 26-50

Ryan Watson, Lewis Klahr’s Pony Glass: Queer Collage Animation, Retroactive Contingency, and the Everyday, 51-66

Aaron Michael Kerner, Anno-Mation: Hideaki Anno from Animation to Live-Action, and Back Again, 67-84

Kelly Furniss, The Ed Emshwiller Collection in the CalArts Archive, 85

New Books, 86-88


Special Issue on Adaptation

select destination:

Raz Greenberg, The Adaptation of Jewish Tradition into Animation in the Israeli Haggadah, 4-13

Maria Katsaridou, From Literature to Video Games: Recent Adaptations of Sherlock Holmes, 14-28

María Lorenzo Hernández, Animated Dreamscapes: The Adaptation of Robert H. Barlow and H.P. Lovecraft’s The Night Ocean, 29-51

Nicholas D’Agostino, Rubber Hose Bread Line: Elements of Avant-garde Style in Depression-era Fleischer Cartoons, 52-78

New Books, 78-82.


Special Issue on Italian Animation

select destination:

Raffaella Scrimitore, Mario Verger, and Emiliano Fasano, Chronology of Italian Animation, 1911-2017, 6-37

Anna Antonini, Bruno Bozzetto: Wit and Wisdom, 38-48

Alberto Rigoni and Giovanni Russo, All Roads Lead to Animation: Gianini, Luzzati, Cavandoli, and Manuli, 49-61

Giacomo Ravesi, Painted Screens: Italian Experimental Artist-Animators, 62-77

Elisa Bertolotti, Pene E Crudité: Dark Humor Meets a Light Line, 78-81

Priscilla Mancini, The Neo-pictorials, 82-96